Great Island Race Series 
Race Director:  Drew Talbot 

Phone:  570-660-5657

Email:  TriGIAT@gmail.com

Sat., June 30

​ 2018 * Fri., June 29th & Sat., June 30th * 2018

8:00 am

​ 2018 * Fri., June 29th & Sat., June 30th * 2018


Our Mission

Organize and Run a Successful Race Weekend with Multiple Events that Benefit the Local Community


Special Thanks To:

-  Rick Henrich & Julie Brennan

   (Rock, River, & Trail Outfitters) 

The Great Island Adventure Triathlon began in 2007 with the amazing efforts and great success from Rick & Julie and the original Great Island Adventure Triathlon!


-  Lock Haven Area YMCA

The Great Island Adventure Triathlon continued after Rock, River, & Trail's involvment from the great efforts of the staff and volunteers at the Lock Haven Area YMCA.

The Rotary Club of Lock Haven and the Great Island Race Series Committee are pleased to bring you a newer and larger event for 2016!  

We can always use extra help,

so feel free to volunteer with us!  

Contact Drew at 570-660-5657

About Us

Committee Position


Race Director

Drew Talbot


Kasey Blesh



Tera Redmond

Course & Safety

Keith Kibler & Aaron Russell

Event Experience

Jen Hagaman &
Erin Kennedy

Marketing / Promotions

Matthew Stern, Cydney Lover, & Ben Robinson

Mini-Sprint Race Day

Kassi Rosemeier


Mark Stern 


Lisa White


Joel Blesh

Water Safety

Brian Ammon


Tracey Simpson White


Lynn Talbot

8:00 am

Sat., June 30

6:30 pm

Fri., June 29

It all started with a passion for outdoor athletics, focus on promoting healthy habits in our community, and a desire to help kids of all ages learn, love, and accomplish multisports!


Since 2007, the Great Island Adventure Triathlon has promoted the great outdoors, encouraged health and well-being, and showcased the natural beauty of our area.  Beginning in 2014, the Rotary Club championed the race with aspirations to continue to grow the event, attracting even more youth, families, and individuals to the amazing treasures that our area has to offer.